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Good news - Warm congratulations to Suzhou Security Company Jiusheng Security for entering the new project

-2023- Good News
Good news - Warm congratulations to Suzhou Security Company's Jiusheng Security for entering the new project
- Good news keeps coming in a row -

Since its establishment, Jiangsu Jiusheng Security Service Co., Ltd. has adhered to the principle of "striving for excellence, excellence, and beauty", adhering to the professional, standardized, and large-scale quasi military security service quality, and has repeatedly won high recognition from customer units.
With the high trust of the client unit and the hard work of all colleagues in the company, we successfully settled in the Zhengyi Historical and Cultural District for order maintenance on November 18th, and successfully settled in the Yasonglanting Security Service Project in Yuyao, Zhejiang on November 30th. After settling in, Zhang Hailong, the deputy general manager of the company, and the on-site person in charge led the team members to quickly familiarize themselves with the basic situation of the entire project, develop emergency plans, rules and regulations that comply with the project, and require on duty security personnel to strictly implement them.

Zhengyi Historical and Cultural Block Order Maintenance Project


Our Vice President of Operations, Zhang Hailong, led the project team on site to make meticulous preparations. With the goal of achieving higher standards of seamless work integration, a service plan for entry is formulated based on project characteristics, the service process is carefully studied, and pre job training is provided to security personnel to ensure that employees quickly integrate into the new work environment with full work enthusiasm and good mental state, which has been unanimously recognized by Party A.

The picture shows the order service project for entering the Zhengyi Historical and Cultural District. All team members are handsome, upright, and handsome. They stand up early in the morning and make a group appearance on site. They begin the five routine training before class, salute customers entering and exiting during peak hours, provide vehicle guidance, and so on.
Zhejiang Yuyao Yasonglanting Security Service Project

The picture shows the security service project stationed in Yuyao Yasonglan Court

The good mental outlook and dedicated work attitude of the stationed team members have won unanimous praise from the client units, laying a solid foundation for the next step of work. In the future work, we will organize regular training according to company regulations to consolidate the professional level of team members and create a safe working environment for the client unit.