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Key tasks arranged by Jiusheng Kunshan Security Company before the Double Festival holiday

On the occasion of the National Day and Mid Autumn Festival, various regions and departments should properly arrange their duty, safety, and security work during the holiday period. In case of major emergencies, Kunshan Security Company Jiusheng kindly reminds them to report and handle them in a timely manner according to regulations, ensuring that the people spend the holiday in peace and safety.

1. Key Property Management Work during the Mid Autumn and National Day Holiday

• Order maintenance work
1. Each service project should conscientiously implement the duty work of each position, and the duty phone number should be posted and kept unobstructed in the service unit, without any vacancy or shortage.
2. We need to develop security plans based on the actual situation of each service unit, allocate sufficient and complete order maintenance personnel, and equip professional security equipment to strengthen daily security patrols, ensure that no blind spots are left, report suspicious personnel in a timely manner, and keep daily patrol records.
3. Attention should be paid to strengthening vehicle management, strictly enforcing the vehicle entry and exit registration system, especially strengthening night time vehicle management, keeping records of vehicle entry and exit, timely guiding and maintaining vehicle driving and parking order, avoiding vehicles from randomly parking and occupying others' parking spaces, and strictly prohibiting vehicles from occupying fire prevention passages.
4. Strengthen supervision and management of the activities of decoration and decoration personnel to prevent illegal and irregular behaviors from occurring.

Strengthen daily maintenance and management of facilities and equipment
Each service project should strengthen the maintenance and daily management of monitoring and alarm facilities to ensure the normal use of various technical prevention measures; Strengthen daily inspections and inspections of important facilities and equipment such as elevators, secondary water supply, and firefighting to ensure water quality safety and normal operation of equipment; Facilities such as parking lots, rooftops, and underground spaces should be supervised by dedicated personnel or monitored with electronic monitoring methods.
1. Before the holiday, a "pull net" inspection, maintenance, and repair should be conducted on the water supply system, power supply system, drainage system, fire protection system, security system, access control weak current system, as well as various facilities and equipment such as entrance and exit gates and elevators for each service project to ensure safe, stable, and normal operation of various facilities and equipment during the holiday.
2. If it is found that water supply, power supply, gas supply, communication and other issues cannot be guaranteed, the company headquarters should be immediately notified, and the organization should promptly carry out maintenance to ensure the normal use of each service project.
3. It is necessary to dredge and clear hidden works such as drainage pipelines and septic tanks for various service projects, replace damaged manhole covers, ensure personal safety, and ensure smooth pipeline flow.
4. To enhance proactive service awareness, develop emergency plans and various repair operation procedures, arrange duty personnel, and maintain smooth repair calls. Upon receiving insurance and repair reports, staff must be immediately arranged to handle them in a timely manner.

• Strengthen fire management and strictly prevent fire hazards
Each service project should cooperate with the public security fire department to do a good job in fire prevention and control, equip with fire boxes, store emergency fire supplies, and ensure that the fire monitoring center has dedicated personnel on duty 24 hours a day, and the fire passage is kept unobstructed; Regular inspections, inspections, and maintenance of fire-fighting facilities should be carried out to ensure that they can operate normally and can be put into use at any time.
1. We need to fully implement the fire safety management responsibility system, ensuring clear responsibilities and accountability to individuals.
2. A mesh inspection should be conducted on various fire protection facilities, key parts, and areas to promptly plug loopholes and rectify hidden dangers.
3. We need to equip all types of fire-fighting equipment and strengthen the management of flammable and explosive materials entering and exiting.
4. We need to organize property management personnel to conduct a comprehensive cleaning of the debris in the corridor, ensuring that the corridor is unobstructed and unobstructed.
5. Ensure that the service unit's roads are unobstructed, corridors are unobstructed, building fire platforms are unobstructed, and floor fire doors are kept closed at all times.
6. To ensure that all types of fire protection facilities and equipment, such as fire alarm systems and fire pumps, are in good condition and can be used at any time in the service unit.

• Environmental remediation and cleaning work
1. We need to do a good job in improving the environmental hygiene of various service units. Before the holiday, a comprehensive and thorough cleaning of the hygiene of the service unit will be carried out, with a focus on cleaning the dead corners and key areas.
2. Pay attention to doing a good job in hygiene and cleaning during holidays. Each service unit should plan, arrange, and take action early, conscientiously carry out the cleaning and upkeep work of important places such as primary and secondary roads and squares, and regularly and fixedly remove household waste to ensure a clean and good environment.

• Develop emergency plans to improve emergency response capabilities
Each service unit should establish emergency plans for emergencies, improve emergency organizational structures, and improve emergency management systems; To strengthen emergency drills, enhance awareness of self rescue and mutual rescue, and comprehensively improve the ability to handle and respond to emergencies; We need to strengthen the allocation, maintenance, and safekeeping of emergency rescue equipment, maintain good usage status, and ensure the emergency deployment of emergency rescue.

• Strengthen internal management of the enterprise
Each service project should strengthen the education and training of internal personnel's ideological, moral, and legal knowledge, enhance the safety and legal awareness of all employees, strictly implement the job responsibility system, achieve clear division of labor, responsibility to individuals, and measures in place; We need to strengthen service awareness, strengthen communication, and continuously improve service quality.

2. Key points and specifications for pre holiday safety inspection

• Public security and fire management
1. All project personnel shall conduct comprehensive inspections of public security and fire protection.
2. Before the holiday, it is necessary to complete the testing of the automatic fire alarm and fire linkage system in the jurisdiction, and verify the address codes of various automatic alarm detectors and address modules. Check the water level of the fire pool, the condition of the sprinkler system and fire hydrant system facilities and equipment, and ensure that the fire system is in a ready state at all times.
3. Check the operation of the smoke exhaust fan, fire pump, and spray pump to see if they can be manually or automatically switched. The switch should be in the automatic position and can be automatically started.
4. Test the sensitivity of fire detectors and fire buttons.
5. The duty personnel of the fire control center must be responsible by dedicated personnel, and must be familiar with the location, quantity, performance, and operation process of the fire system facilities and equipment. The operational ability of relevant personnel needs to be verified and verified again.
6. Check the stairs, walkways, and exits to ensure they are unobstructed. The safety evacuation instructions and accident lighting facilities for stairs, walkways, and exits, as well as the signage and facilities, are in good condition. Check if the safety warning and warning signs in the distribution room, distribution box, centralized charging area of battery trucks, and other hazardous sources are complete and intact; If there are defects, they should be quickly improved before the festival.
7. Check the proficiency of the on duty staff of the monitoring center in operating fire protection and closed circuit monitoring systems during holidays, to ensure that the on duty staff can respond to various unexpected situations in a timely manner.
8. Clarify the person responsible for troubleshooting during the holiday period, and publicize the list and phone number of emergency personnel.
9. The night duty of the monitoring center needs to adopt a regular call system to verify the duty status of each position.
10. During the holiday period, there is an increase in personnel entry and exit. Each project should improve the service quality of the entry and exit according to their own characteristics, strengthen service awareness, and improve service skills.
11. Strengthen the monitoring of external personnel, decoration and construction personnel, and implement dynamic tracking for suspicious or aimless external personnel (including those who distribute small advertisements), and advise them to leave if necessary.
12. All project operations during the holiday period must be approved and filed by the leadership (environmental and noise pollution operations are prohibited). If operations are required, safety precautions should be ensured throughout the entire construction process (including greening, cleaning, and real estate operations).
13. Inspect the storage and use management of flammable and explosive hazardous materials. Establish an inspection ledger before the holiday, keep security inspection vouchers, and promptly rectify any hidden dangers found; Use announcement groups, advertising billboards, and hallway announcements to promote the safety of flammable and explosive hazardous materials.
14. Each project site should conduct a safety education and training session for all staff before the holiday. The training attendance form must be personally signed and the safety education and training files properly archived.
15. During the holiday period, temporary fire emergency team members should be established on the project to ensure timely activation of fire plans.
16. During the two festivals of each project, at least one night safety inspection should be arranged.
17. During the process of fulfilling their duties, personnel in each position should establish self-protection measures, especially nighttime self-protection measures.

• Traffic management
1. Check entrances and exits, and regulate parking management (including non motorized vehicles). Strictly implement the verification, registration and release system for personnel, vehicles, and cards; Vehicles for key customer projects (such as high vehicle prices and long-term unmanned driving) should be given special attention.
2. Check the gate system to ensure its normal operation.
3. During the festival, there is an increase in visiting customers and vehicles in parks, shopping malls, and crime scenes. Security personnel should actively guide customers to park their vehicles and strengthen the management of vehicle parking order.
4. Strengthen the management of non motor vehicle parking within the jurisdiction, and conduct centralized cleaning and placement of non motor vehicles that have not been used for a long time; Non motorized vehicles from outside should be parked in designated areas. If the safety officer discovers unlocked vehicles, they should promptly contact the customer.

• Customer service and cleaning
1. Standardize behavior norms (including unified holiday greetings), emphasizing service awareness during the holiday period.
2. Clarify the person responsible for handling customer information, ensure effective implementation and timely feedback of customer information, and keep records of duty and handover.
3. In response to customer needs during holidays, each project prepares a personnel duty table to ensure the effective implementation of various service work.
4. Check the current status of key management, and rectify any non compliant management immediately. The delegation, storage, and use of various customer keys must be strictly carried out in accordance with the relevant regulations for key management in each project.
5. Utilize the opportunity of family reunions during the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day to plan and implement cultural activities for various service projects, harmonize the cultural atmosphere, and strengthen communication with customers.
6. Utilize pre holiday and holiday periods to arrange centralized visit plans for various service projects, especially to visit and comfort key customers, fully understand customer needs, strengthen communication with customers, and improve service quality.
7. Promote and remind customers in advance of their self-protection awareness, reminding them to pay attention to safety measures such as fire prevention, water, electricity, gas, and door and window locking.
8. Use contact information such as visits and fees to update customers' emergency contact information, so that they can be contacted in a timely manner in case of emergencies.
9. Conduct a major cleaning (transportation) of the public area before the holiday. Strengthen on-site cleaning inspections and management during holidays, ensuring a clean environment and timely removal of garbage.

• Device management
1. Establish an effective contact phone list (including mobile phones) for the responsible persons of municipal departments such as municipal power supply, water supply, gas, communication, and cable, as well as newly taken over project power supply, water supply, and other related professional construction units, and place it in the monitoring center, engineering, and project headquarters to facilitate timely and accurate contact when dealing with emergencies.
2. The duty schedule for maintenance personnel should be approved by the project manager. Based on the composition of the project equipment, the number and type of work of 24-hour duty personnel should be reasonably determined. The on duty shift personnel must be familiar with the equipment, on-site conditions, and emergency response plans.
3. Comprehensively inspect various equipment and facilities, with a focus on power supply, water supply, elevators, fire protection, security and other systems, eliminate hidden dangers, and ensure their safe operation.
4. Check the necessary materials for maintenance during holidays to ensure sufficient maintenance materials. Public maintenance tools must be kept by the personnel on duty and handed over properly.
5. Check the storage status of the contingency plan. Emergency response plans for emergencies involving equipment such as power supply, water supply, gas, elevators, and fire protection must be kept in the monitoring center and engineering duty room. Relevant duty personnel should receive training and master the correct methods and procedures for handling emergencies.
6. Thoroughly inspect equipment and facilities such as underground garages, civil air defense projects, office spaces, shopping malls, and crime scenes to ensure the normal operation of facilities and equipment, and eliminate safety hazards such as water, electricity, gas, and fire protection.
7. During the holiday period, the doors and passages of civil air defense and ordinary basements that do not need to be used will be sealed and locked after inspection.
8. Thoroughly inspect all equipment rooms, vacant rooms, civil air defense facilities and platforms, clean up debris, eliminate hidden dangers, and take wind and rain prevention measures.
9. Thoroughly inspect the facilities in the public area. If they can be repaired immediately, they should be repaired. If they cannot be repaired immediately, safety warnings should be placed.
10. Before the festival, communicate with the decoration construction unit about their construction safety precautions and holiday construction management. Strengthen the supervision and management of fire safety on decoration construction sites during holidays, increase the frequency of inspections, and prohibit construction operations that generate environmental and noise pollution during holidays.
11. Thoroughly inspect the wall tiles and glass on the facades of buildings in various regions to prevent looseness, detachment, explosion, and injury to pedestrians. The parts with safety hazards should be rectified immediately, and those that cannot be rectified should be placed with safety warnings.
12. All types of computer room keys are managed uniformly, and the corresponding situation with the on-site computer room is checked. During holidays, the access system to the computer room is strictly enforced.

• Office area management
1. Functional departments
(1) Conduct a comprehensive inspection of fire and electricity in the office area before the holiday to eliminate hidden dangers;
(2) Turn off the power supply of all office equipment at the end of the last working day before the holiday;
(3) Please keep your personal belongings well, and do not store valuables in the office;

2. Business department (including the office area under its jurisdiction)
(1) Organize and tidy up personal belongings. Personal valuables and cash are not allowed to be stored in the office;
(2) The electrical power supply used by non duty personnel needs to be cut off. Duty personnel should pay attention to safe use of electricity, and take measures to prevent fire and theft;
(3) Duty personnel should maintain a clean office environment and unobstructed communication, and are prohibited from leaving their posts or chatting on work phones during work hours;
(4) Keep daily duty records and handover records, and close the power and doors and windows when leaving after work.

• Flood control management
Pay attention to the weather forecast issued by the municipal meteorological department, arrange personnel to conduct regular inspections in accordance with the requirements of the government regulatory department and the company's internal flood prevention plan, and promptly handle any dangerous situations. When signs of dangerous disasters such as landslides, mudslides, and collapses are found, immediately report to the government emergency department and carry out evacuation and warning measures.
In case of rainstorm, the emergency plan for rainstorm shall be launched in time to prevent losses caused by flooding.

3. Duty personnel requirements

• Basic requirements
1. Implement the duty system for the main responsible person, project manager, and middle level management personnel in the project, and report the duty form (contact information) to the competent department. The on duty personnel adhere to their positions, fulfill their duties, and complete their duties.
2. Duty personnel are not allowed to adjust their duty arrangements without authorization; If there are any changes, they must be approved by the department head and reported to the Human Resources and Administration Department for filing.
3. In case of emergencies or major events, promptly contact the company's general manager.
4. Duty personnel are strictly prohibited from drinking alcohol.
• Chief duty officer
1. Turn on 24/7 to maintain smooth communication.
2. During the duty period, the total number of personnel is not allowed to be late or leave early, and it should be recorded on the duty record form.
3. Duty personnel are not allowed to adjust their duty arrangements without authorization. If there are any changes, the department head must report to the management for approval.
4. Every day, it is necessary to check the duty situation of each position during holidays, and conduct a patrol in the office area and jurisdiction. The patrol situation should be recorded in the "Duty Record Form".

The above management points,
Key points of safety inspection before holidays included
Work requirements during holidays,
Jiusheng Security should distinguish between inspection points and work requirements,
Combining the characteristics of each project
Refine safety inspection items and key items,
Develop a pre holiday checklist,
Implement inspections and form inspection reports.
The job requirements are partially determined by the company
Implement and inspect.